The new D4i standard makes LED luminaires fit for the IoT

Uppdaterad: 26 maj 2020

Always up to date – thanks to bidirectional data exchange When it comes to the interoperability and control of LED drivers, the DALI-2 standard has already been setting benchmarks for many years now. However, in addition to factors like energy efficiency and digitalization, the integration of products into the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the wireless control of luminaires are gaining more and more in importance in today’s lighting industry. This was one of the major reasons why the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) now introduced the new D4i standard which is an extension to the DALI-2 standard. The D4i drivers incorporated in a luminaire are able to store and report a large volume of data in a standardized manner. In addition, these drivers can supply external components with electric power, such as sensors and communication modules.

More transparency for sustainable decision-making LED luminaires certified according to the D4i standard provide you with centralized information, ensuring that you get the most out of your whole lighting system. The bidirectional data exchange between luminaire components makes it easy for you to determine the current luminaire status in real time – including major key data such as energy consumption, operating time and temperature. This data basis standardized in accordance with the DiiA specifications (DALI Part -251 to DALI Part -253) enables the predictive planning of necessary maintenance and service work and thus contributes significantly to avoiding downtimes. The power supply integrated in accordance with the DiiA specifications DALI Part -250 further simplifies the design of luminaires.

OSRAM was the innovation leader for D4i certification As an active DiiA member, OSRAM made a major contribution to the development of the new D4i specifications. So it comes as no surprise that the world’s first LED driver certified according to the new D4i standard was an OSRAM product: the OT DX 40/220-240/1A0 DIMA LT2 E (in December 2019). In the meantime, several additional DEXAL LED drivers from OSRAM have obtained D4i certification.

Since the number of D4i-certified products is continually increasing, the up-to-date list is available at the following link:

Find out about the benefits of D4i certification – it's worthwhile!

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